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is it when a united states citizen is declared disabled they have to wait time before they can get medicaid or medicare? host: 8 collar like that, better worse off? -- a caller like that. . guest: there are obviously community health clinics and other medical facilities that provide medical care cheaply or, in the cases of need, for free. i'm not minimizing the collar's husband's typical. i am sure -- caller's husband's difficulty. but there is health care available in the country for people who cannot afford to pay. ad. caller: good morning, michigan. host: michigan. i'm sorry. caller: i just wanted to say the last time i checked, unemployment was 19.5%, and my husband, who just had his 29th anniversary at the company he worked at has been laid off and is losing his mind. i would be crying if i thought it would do any good, but it will not. he is doing everything he can to find a job. as soon as he sees something in the newspaper, he goes there. he is so talented, he can fix anything, but he is 65 years old, too, and that is a problem. a few weeks ago, senator lugar? he was on "newsmakers"
to keep many of the prrams they wt in the united states. >>eporter: and susie, both g.m. and chrler have gotten concessions from the.a.w., so ford needs them toemain competitiv >> right, dianne, what a the chances of fd getting those concessio now that it making money, doesn't at give the union a bargaining chip? >> absolutely. inact, the uaw toda said that the gd inspections that ford report today were part ofhe reason that thrank and file voted down the concessions. they said that they would not go back to the bargaini tablement but obviously if the financials would deteriorate from here they might bencouraged to go back. wel have to wait and see. >>nother issue about where things are financially with ford, lot of headlines today about that billn dollar profit butord also s a lot of debt. mething like $ billion. so how doeshat play into its forecast. isn't that a serious problem? >> it is a problem. as you probably recall, they mortgaged a lot of asse to keep themselves out of bankruptcy analystsay if the ecomy continues to improve, if the crit markets continue to improve and if the c
, flexible regulation the united states had the best economy in the world. only in the last 20, since we decided that government was always the problem, have we done. i think the search for thoughtful, reasonable regulation is exactly what we need. spl of that regulation may only be registration. i think a fair amount of it might be so that we will know where the pools of money are that are investing in our country and commage the way we were. i think it is reasonable, i think it is thoughtful, and i think it is easy to find. >> mr. pagliuca. >> i think what happened was a direct result of us not having appropriate regulation and enforcement. the crisis was caused by banks that decided they would take short-term risks to make long-term profits, and not long-term profits. we got over-extended. swayings like i.a.g. put this whole country at risk. so i come out with a plan. you can go to my web site and see this plan. it calls for a strong central regulator. it is not unlike what we did after 9-11 to coordinate various bodies. second, it must be national. if we have laxed regulations in one
hillary clinton issued a state urging abdullah to stay engaged in the national dialogue and the united states will support the next afghan president. >>> meanwhile, the united nations is suspending long-term development projects in pakistan because of an increasingly deadly insurgency there. a focus on emergency and h humanitarian relief. i follows a string of attacks honoring workers and civilians on both sides of the frontier. >>> at least 20 people were killed in an explosion just outside the pakistani capital. they are among the estimated 250 people killed in recent days in what militants call retribution for a government offensive. >>> also today, north korea offered strong signs that it is ready to return to international talks concerning its nuclear program. still, the regime links suggestions with demands to the united states. pyongyang wants direct meetings with washington first before returning to the larger so-called six-party talks. if the u.s. refuses, north korea said it will, quote, go our own way. an apparent threat to enlarge its nuclear arsenal. >> now here's a look a
were intending to carry out attacks in the united states. just over the last four or five months. they've all been stopped. unfortunately, one wasn't, a lone wolf in arkansas. we watched him periodically 'cause he'd gone to yemen to try to get some training. came back and one day just got up and walked into an army recruiting station in little rock and killed the army recruiter. most people in the room, most people in the america probably never heard of that or remember. that's one victim that we've had. but if you want to look at the case of azazzi. a american citizen, became radicalized in various ways. went to pakistan. had contact with the highest levels of al-qaeda. came back here as has been reported in the press now and began to work with others to acquire materials to carry out massive attacks, suicide bombings, the kinds that unfortunately see in the news in pakistan and iraq and afghanistan. and we picked him up without saying too much almost as a blip on a screen. a piece of information. and then began to track him with the extraordinary cooperative efforts of our intelligen
sides to avoid confrontation. north korea has called for direct talks with the united states on nuclear disarmament. it appears the country wants to return to negotiations. pyongyang has warned it will go its own way unless washington agrees. the former bosnian sesh leader radovan karadzic will appear at his trial. he said he needed more time, much more time, to prepare his defense. he denies all the charges. he says the tribunal must give him nine more months to prepare. one of his legal team said he would attend the tribunal on tuesday to discuss how to end the stalemate. >> nothing has changed since last week. he will appear tomorrow, though, because tomorrow is another day and it's a more procedural hearing than a trial itself. he wants to participate and try to find a solution for this problem. >> stay with us, if you can. bbc world news. still to come, the blood diamonds of zimbabwe. campaigners are calling for a ban on sales. >> first, though, it could tell us a lot about the impact climate change is having on our planet. the european space agency has sclfl launched a satellite f
the united states to except its demands for direct talks on the regime's nuclear program. it has warned that peon gain will go its own way unless washington agrees. the foreign ministry did not elaborate. the statement was carried by state media, which appeared to be a threat to enlarge its nuclear arsenal. 16 people have been killed in a fire in the central philippines. eyewitnesses say the fire started in the early hours of the morning in a two-story boarding house, and then spread to a sandy area nearby. police and fire may have been caused by a candle. let's turn to business now. you have 25 minutes coming up. a loan provider, cit in america, has gone bust. >> is one of the largest bankruptcy in u.s. corporate history. yesterday they filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. they have about 1 million customers. they long to small and medium- sized businesses. we will see a big impact on the financial markets off the back of this bankruptcy. the financial crisis has been unable to fund itself. one of the big losers will turn out to be the u.s. government. the u.s. government provid
for the next five years ache planned runoff elect has been canceled. that could complicate the united states' role in afghanistan. abdullah abdullah dropped out of the base race but the obama administration says it is preparing to work with karzai despite questions about his credibility t could take weeks before the president here decides how many troops to send to afghanistan. >>> the first lady turns h attention to school aged girls in an effort to keep them on track. tenth and eleventh grade gills will go to the white house and take part in educational career development, life skills and also mentoring with women from the east and the west wing. the similar program for high school boys will be launched sometime soon. >>> still ahead, new moves by the government to track the safety of the swine flu vaccine. >> coming up next, the redskins got a break this weekend in not having to play but the fans not giving them a break when it comes to sharing their opinion about what is wrong right now. we'll talk with somebody who gets paid to share his opinion of the skins coming up right after the br
it for the united states to judge it because i think the united states has an experience of dealing with the same partner in the past few years. so this is what it is. >> reporter: if it doesn't change, officials say the afghan people will cast the vote that really counts and side with the taliban. katie? >> couric: david martin reporting from the pentagon tonight, thank you. now, the united states went to war in afghanistan less than a month after the attacks of september 11, 2001. today, a relic of that terrible day returned to new york city: steel from the ruins of the twin towers now part of the u.s. navy's newest warship. national correspondent jim axelrod has that story. >> reporter: the brand new u.s.s. "new york" sailed into the city it honors today. the symbolism lost on none of the sailors or marines on board. >> i will never forget what that felt like standing on the flight deck coming up the hudson river passing by the statue of liberty paying honor at ground zero. >> reporter: at 684 feet long, costing more than a billion dollars, the ship was built in part with 7.5 tons of steel fro
approach is to working with manufacturing here in the united states, if we do not do that effectively, we are not going to succeed. we have been talking about infrastructure for a long time. i think my team will testify when we have got several trillion dollars worth of infrastructure that is falling apart, we need to put people to work doing the work that america needs done, but we are also in an era of fiscal constraint, which means we have got to start finding more creative new approaches to financing these projects. so those are the discussions we are going to be having. not just today but in the weeks and months to come. this is my administration's overriding focus, having brought the economy back from the brink. the question is how are we going to make sure that people are getting back to work and able to support their families? it is not going to happen overnight, but we will not rest until we are succeeding in generating the jobs that this economy needs. and i could not ask for a better group of people to bounce ideas off of, and we are going to be soliciting ideas from the privat
that creates more jobs in the united states and in europe, and that we continue to shy away from any protectionist measures that might actually reverse some what these positive trends. so once again, welcome. thank you for your outstanding work, both as prime minister and president, and please communicate -- shepard: do we want to get out? there you go, the president and the swedish president speaking on afghanistan and other matters. let's get to dana lewis. there were a lot of questions about this. we mentioned that the challenger was to have been in a runoff with president karzai, but it was found that there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of allegations of fraud by the united nations, and it was fraud that would have helped president karzai. there were also questions about whether there would have been able to handle security for a runoff election. is there a sense that they may have just dobbs able? >> you know, it is a really important question you are asking, and you are coming right to the point. people would put their lives on the line to vote in that election in aug
be a way to pressure karzai to clean up his act. >> the united states or nato forces will tank power away from him and put it in the hand of other folks in afghanistan such as the provincial governors is certainly something that has to affect him. >> president obama says he is not blindly accepting karzai's prom mises. he says the proof will be in deeds. aides say he is not setting up benchmarks for his troop decision and also say that no one in the administration believes any military raid will work in afghanistan without successful governance. bret. bret: wendell, thank you. in other world headlines, it was a deadly day in pakistan where a suicide bomber killed at least 35 people and a second attack hours later and a suicide bomber blew up a car at a police roadblock injuring at least 7 police officers there. the united nations is pressing iran for a swift final answer to its proposal concerning nuclear fuel. officials offered mixed signals today to the idea of sending uranium abroad for enrichment. the foreign minister said the options still exist, while a senior diplomat suggested the
thought a second-term karzai was a credible partner for the u.s. and its allies. >> the united states and the international community based on the experience they've had in the past few years to make that judgment. but there is no doubt that the international community, to make success, to turn this into a success, they do need credible and reliable partners. >> warner: abdullah denied making any last-minute deal with karzai. but he said another player in the election drama, the taliban, which waged attacks on voters and election workers alike, had influenced his choice. >> when i made that decision security was not the sole reason. that was a reason. lives are involved in this. lives are not just devoted but those who are providing security for us. >> warner: last night scott wharton, whose u.n.-affiliated electoral complaints commission, rang the bell on the fraud in the first round said there was no road map to determine the next step. >> the electoral law is not entirely clear on how to handle a withdrawal in the second round. >> warner: so the constitution and the election laws c
. these are not small issues. it is not written in stone that the united states of america will be as strong as we have been for the decades and centuries to come. you only have to be a casual student to understand that strong countries used to be strong em pirps have to renew themselves at moments of challenge. we led in the industrial revolution. we led in the information revolution. we have to lead in the green revolution and china and india and other countries are aggressively in that space. so this is what he's asking people to do is not necessarily thing that is the short-term benefit will be clear in the next election or the one after that or the one after that. washington has failed the country because they refuse to do the tough things that we all know we have to do. if we don't make the right progress on health care and energy, our economy is going to struggle for decades to come. >> all goals but you are in the politics business k. he take the message without suffering losses next year? >> well, everyone in washington wants to predict what happens next fall. this thing has 20 lifetimes. i th
to the highest ranks of the united states army secretary shinseki's almost 40 years of military service were characterized by an parallel devotion to the troops in his charge. now it is secretary shinseki's responsibility to see all who have served receive the care they have earned. i can think of no better champion for our veterans in no better partner for the department of defense when addressing these issues. in a few minutes secretary shinseki will outline some of the broader issues facing the departments of defense and veterans affairs when it comes to mental health. i want to use my time here to reaffirm the department of defense's commitment to face squarely and doggedly the psychological consequences of today's complex within the ranks of the u.s. military. beyond waging the wars were and, the treatment of our one did, they are continuing care and eventual reintegration into everyday life is my highest priority. i consider this a solem pact between those who have risked and suffered and the nation that oppose them its eternal gratitude. so i want to talk about three main topics. firs
in a year. >> it is two-thirds of all the newspapers in the united states and bring him. >> -- united states bring ain. talking about sergey brin and larry page, it's still a tourist request -- its silver stick -- was that you? >> nat is from me. >>-- that is from me. it is kind of like a woodstock retreat in the desert and it is in late august and people from all over the world come to it. some bring music some bring drugs. it is a communal experience for a week. -- some bring music and some bring drugs. it is a communal experience for a week and they always went and loved it and loved that sense of liberation that was represented. one of the reasons they were attracted to eric schmidt and convinced he was not a suit was that he also went. >> would you ever go? >> no. >> why not? >> i have no interest in doing that. bohemian grove are a bunch of people who walk around and use open urinals and who knows what else they do. it is not something that interests me. i am not interested in going around hugging people. >> what kind of people go to burning man? >> bohemian grove are the ceo's of majo
the president of the united states. listen to this. >> i think he has got a five-minute career. he was in the senate for 150 days. he was a community organizer in chicago for how many number of years. he has no experience running anything. he is very young. i think he has an out-of-this world ego. very narcissistic and he is able to focus all attention on him all the time. that description is simply a way to cut through the noise and say is he immature, inexperienced and in over his head. steve: how does he really feel? brian: he voted john mccain. is he very crifl -- critical of john mccain. he voted for him. he talked about how president obama being's policies are effecting the economy. listen. >> i believe that the economy is under siege, it's being destroyed. anybody with any economic literacy would not do one thing this administration has done to try to revitalize the private sector. they are destroying it i have to think it may be on purpose because this is just outrageous what is happening, daniel of liberty, attack on freedom. i mean, just a couple days ago they talked abou
one colombian field general from this group. this is good for the united states. two signed an agreement just recently. anything that can bring the two cultures together will be a good move. one woman told me pushups were the hardest. corey pavin scored, the men have to do 68 pushups. the women have to do 48. that is tough for anyone in two minutes' time. juliet: why the change? >> i think part of the reason is they feel they are behind the times here in columbia. other nations already have women. just a few years ago, there were fewer than 25 women in the entire colombian military. they feel it is time to move into the 21st century and bring women into the military forces alongside men. juliet: how are their fellow soldiers feeling? >> i think that would be the toughest part. one woman said it was bliley. she said it was not the pushups. she said it was the men. juliet: they can take a look at believed strongly in casting a vote. abdallah i'm tellin decided he did not want to put his people through that again. by the way, this also serves as interest because parliamentary e
religion. germany has more muslims than lebanon and twice as many mosques as the united states. young muslims here describe themselves as more religious than their parents in a country where few christians go to church. berlin is sometimes called the atheist capital of europe. but while religious freedom is enshrined in the german constitution, public schools are required to offer christian religious instruction. leaders of muslim organizations are now demanding islamic religious instruction, as well, and tensions are growing. >> the number of people that don't want to live together with muslims, that don't want to have a mosque in their neighborhood, this number is rising. >> reporter: according to public opinion polls, the vast majority of germans associate islam with violence and terrorism, and they resent what they see as too many muslims sponging off the german welfare system. but the country's strong social safety net may be one reason why germany has not seen the kind of violence that scorched muslim neighborhoods in france a few years ago. young muslims there took to the stree
but it is not surprising. we live, not just georgetown but in the united states there is a broad culture of homophobic. >> police are investigating. the vigil is scheduled for 8 listen 30 tonight on campus. the student is out of the hospital tonight. the university says his attacker was wearing a black leather jacket and had his face painted red and white. likely someone in georgetown that night celebrating halloween. back to you. >>> now to the news edge on maryland, a man still in his halloween costume hit up a bank in chevy chase. you can see him wearing a white skeleton mask. he robbed a bank armed with a semi automatic gun. police are looking for a second man who drove a getaway car. in chevy case two burglaries in two days and the community is on edge. it happened on chevy chase parkway. one late at night and the other just before 8:00 in the morning. both happened while residents were sleeping upstairs. the suspect or suspects entered through unlocked windows ' doors taking computers, cell phone and a purse. >>> now to an important consumer alert tonight. possibly contaminated beef leading to a
had nothing to do do with the president of the united states. >> reporter: these may be regional races, but they're certain to draw national interest. the party that raks up the most wins tuesday, could carry the most momentum going into next year's midterm elections when the stakes are even higher. so just how high are the stakes in 2010? 37 governorship, more than a third of the at some and every seat in the u.s. house of representatives. michelle? >> all right, whitd johnson in washington, thanks. >>> this morning a man hunt is under way in north carolina and virginia for a suspect wanted for killing pour men. police say mar companies chavez gonzalez is possibly armed with an assault rifle, he's wanted for shooting four men in the parking lot of a television store in mount airy near the virginia border. police say yesterday's shooting was not random. >>> this morning cleveland police are trying to sort out a gruesome discovery at the home of a convicted rapist. the decomposed bodies of six women were discovered at the home of anthony sowell. at least five of the women had been stran
and i strongly support this call. but nuclear abolition is not the goal for which the united states should be asked to bear full responsibility. rather it is necessary for all countries to recognize their responsibility and take action. as the only country to have experienced the use of nuclear weapons in war, japan has called for nuclear abolition and has maintained three anti-nuclear principles. no country can be more convincing for a world without nuclear weapons than japan. i am resolutely determined that japan will fulfill its role as a global bridge to contribute to nuclear disarmament and non- proliferation so that we can take an important step toward leaving the children of the future of world free from nuclear weapons. [applause] japan is a maritime country position in the asia-specific region. sent agent times, japan's rich culture was often to exchanges and trade with different cultures. we must never allow the seas surrounding japan to again become the site of battle. we must continue to strive to assure that they remain peaceful, fruitful, and productive. is in the inte
forces. now those questions are front and center as the united states faces its decision whether to send 40,000 u.s. troops or more to back the afghan government. richard engle, nbc news, kabul. >>> president obama called president karzai today to offer his congratulations. mr. obama says he's pleased that the final outcome was determined in occurrence with afghan law and he said that the u.s. and the international community will work closely with him but they want to see better governance and a sineer effort to eradicate corruption. >> he assured me that he understood the importance of this moment, but as i indicated to him, the proof is not in words it'll be indeeds. >> it is still not clear when president obama will announce the next steps that the u.s. will take in afghanistan. >>> a senior government official told the reuters news agency that mr. obama is not likely to announce a new strategy before he leaves for asia on november 11th. that trip is scheduled to be ten days' long. >>> the wave of terrorism in pakistan has prompted the united nations to suspend many of its operations
the explosives may have been planted in a car in a parking lot. -- at least 30 people today. the united states says it is stopping long-term development work near the afghan border because of security concerns. security concerns have forced the united nations to stop that long-term development work. they will focus on emergency and humanitarian relief. to follows a string of bombings recently. >>> afghanistan president hamid karzai will apparently stay in power for the next five years and that could complicate the united states' role in afghanistan. abdullah abdullah dropped out of the race but the obama administration says it is prepared for work with karzai despite questions about his credibility. >>> it is now 10 minutes after 5:00. there is encouraging news this more thanking on the swine flu front. coming up next, the government says more vaccine is on the way and soon. >>> history being made in the big apple. something happened at the new york city marathon that has not happened in more than 25 years. we'll tell you what it is coming up. >>> al coming up, we'll bring you the latest on to
to the united states. central government there is not -- having a central government in afghanistan is not going to feed al qaeda or stabilize pakistan which should be our two goals. >> you spent a lot of time in afghanistan on the ground. your resignation sent shock waves right up to the white house. you resigned in a very public manner. your letter read by readers of the "washington post." why did you choose to go about it this way and not to continue to work within the administration to affect change? >> i hit a point in my conscience where i felt it was senseless what was happening. our troops were fighting against people who were fighting us because we're occupying them. and like i said earlier, what we're doing there doesn't obtain any strategic values or goals for the united states. >> you jump right in on me because i'm paraphrasing and don't want to put words in your mouth, but suffice it to say that you think the u.s. is still fighting in afghanistan and looking at the situation there through the lens of 9/11. and you say the people we're fighting there, the insurgents, do not see it t
in combat roles. what does that mean to the military in the united states? we have a live report coming up in three minutes. bill: michael bloomberg, the mayor of new york city, keeps spending money like he has it, which he does. and it is not pocket change. the billionaire is spending $35,000 per hour. his reelection campaign has quickly become the most expensive self-financed in political history. he is worth about $17 billion, leading against the challenger by 15 points. martha: $35,000 per hour? chump change. bill: how about that. martha: the military, training women for combat in one of the toughest environment in the world -- columbia and the jungles of the amazon forest. the goal is to one they produce female generals into that country. steve is streaming live. are these the first women in the colombian army to be in combat positions? >> these are the very first in colombia, something very new. they are going to live combat training in the jungle, with body armor, doing live exercises. this culture had almost no women if you years ago, and they are having a rough going right now. ma
confrontatn. >>> north kor has called for direct talks with the unite states on nuclear disarmame. itppears the country wants to return to the negotiations it' boycotd for ateast a year -- has warned will go its own way unless washington agrees. >>> the bosniaan-serbian leader will appear a his trial on nocide and war crimes charges. he boycotted the start last week. he denies all charges ad says the tibunal must give him nine mo months to prepareis case. one ofis legal teams told us he will attend the tribunal on tuesday to dcuss how toend the stalema. >> the griances are the the same. nothing has changed since last ek. he will apar tomorrow, though, because tomorrows another day, and it's a more procedural hearing tha the trial itself. so he wants to participe and try toelp find a slution for his problem. >> still to come on bb world news, telood diamonds of zimbwe. campgners are calling for ban on sales. >>> first it cod tell us a lot about the iact climate change is hing on olanet. theuropean space agency has launched a satellite from russia hat will gauge the moveme of wer around the
's about 1/10 of the tax code in the united states no. one can figure it out. per toby's illustration, everyone is cheating on their taxes. simplify the darn tax code, then you won't have all this cheating. brenda: well, pat, it you live in chicago. what do you think about this? >> he looks thrilled. >> well, first of all, let's remember, this is not an i.r.s. thing. this is a cook county, city of chicago thing, guys. second point, to toby's point -- >> no, the irers has it, too. >> business b is dodging taxes, business b is doing something i will scompleel has an unfair advantage over business a t. ain't that hard. brenda: ok. there we go. >> word. brenda: there he goes. all right, hollywood leading ladies hit by the celebrity burglar bunch. get the stock that protects their superstar stuff while stuff being your pockets with profits. and it's 458 wean r week, but air has really outdone himself this week. brenda: predictions? gary b., you're up. >> good time to be in my old alma mater, i.b.m., brenda, at least in the healthcare arena. no co-pay, no deductible. they're making great st
with nothing, built birks built he will fires, that's the beauty of the united states, and in our you're saying what they did is bad and they have to give it all back to bail out the people that made mistakes. it's wrong. and cheryl, that list was created based on blonds and blonds only. there is not one brunette nation on that list. i'm taking offense to it. >> all right. well, i made fun of finland and norway, on that note, wayne, what do you make of this? is this the war on the wealthy that created this disaster? >> no, no, no, the problem is -- and christian, all due respect to what you said, the problem everything is got too big. when you let the banks get too big to bail, then the federal government bails them out. you let big auto too big to bail, so you're bailing them out. the only way it can be dealt with is for the government to come in and have more regulation than it had before because they've eliminated all the competition. what we're headed for in this country is not socialism. we're headed for fascism. let me finish. we're headed for fascism where the government is in big cahoot
the report was issued, the united states commission on international religious freedom, an official government body, urged the state department to demand isa's textbooks be scrut niced for materials for quote promote violence, discrimination or intolerance based on religion or belief. the saudi government agreed it would quote revise and update textbooks to remove remaining reference that despage muslims or non-muslims or promote hatred towards other religions or religious groups. >> they brought two american professors who have some knowledge of arabic textbooks and they removed the obvious, you know, kill the jews, hate the christians, they are our enemies. >> this letter obtained by fox news reporting confirms that then brown university visiting fellow, dr. eleanor abdel la and university of north carolina charlotte anthropology professor reviewed the 2008-2009 first through 12th grade textbooks. they assured the isa's inspector general, quote: these 12 books do not contain inflammatory material. enough to do they encourage students to exhibit intolerance or violence against eac
, you have an kul la dropping out, the united states doesn't have a partner in this country. as the president is trying to decide whether or not to send more troops, how much should that weigh on his decision? he doesn't really have somebody he can do business with there. >> it's very difficult not have a strong government and one that's backed by the people as a legitimate government. you and he will have on ask yourself why with all at stake it this administration didn't take a more careful role in making sure the election was a fair election, assumed by the people of afghanistan. and by the way, this hamlet performance that we're seeing out of the white house is very, very disconcerting. the president has known about this issue for a long time. he received the report from general mcchrystal four monthsing a go and has in the been able to make a decision. this is very, very unfortunate for the people there and for our troops. >> is it important to get this decision right, though, or should you take the time to contemplate it? >> well, of course you should get it right. and
. >> roughly 70% of the state said, their vote had nothing 20 do with the president of the united states. >> reporter: it may be regional races but they are certain to draw national interest. the party that racks up the most wins often tuesday could carry the moment momentum in toe the midterm elections when the stakes are higher higher. cbs news, washington. >>> if you need information on candidates or ballot questions in virginia or maryland, log on to and check out our voters guide under maryland and virginia news. >>> a university of maryland student is recovering from a terrifying ordeal. she was raped in her off-campus apartment in college park. it happened on dickinson avenue often sunday morning in an area there's been sexual assaults. the woman screamed and scared off her attacker. >>> police in northern virginia are out to find a gunman who attacked three teenager girls. they were walking in the 4300 block of dale boulevard in dale city when a man confronted them. police say two girls were raped the man fled on foot. the girls are 16 and 17 years old. thousands have
children in the united states have died from swine flu since it first surfaced last april, including 19 who died just last week. >>> today president obama meets with his economic advisory board to talk about new ways to create jobs. new unemployment numbers come out on friday. >>> the president appeared at two rallies on sunday for new jersey's incumbent governor jon corzine who is locked in a tight race with a former federal prosecutor. >>> michael jackson's "this is it" took over the top spot ot the backs office. "paranormal activity" second, and "law abiding citizen" was third. >>> a russian dare devil attempted a base jump off of a 26-story building on sunday in pakistan but it did not go very well. he leapt off the building and a strong crosswind caused his parachute to yank him sideways and was left dangling. he was pulled to safety and was not injured. >>> four minutes past the hour. >> that had to hurt. >> check of the weather now. >> we got some more marathon runners here. just so fantastic you guys did this. other folks over here, very nice. let's check your weather, see what's go
has all of this great concern. bush did this -- >> president of the united states went to dover to pay his respects to the families who made so much a sacrifice to those brave service people who made the ultimate sacrifice. it was the appropriate thing to do. i think most persons appreciate that. >> do you appreciate that? >> do you believe he was right when he said it was a photo op? >> i think the idea that he doesn't sincerely feel for a fallen soldier to me is beyond bizarre. the other families didn't want to have pictures taken. >> he met them privately there were no cameras. >> he never went there first of all. the reason he didn't want any pictures is because he didn't want people to think about the fact that they were fallen soldiers. the whole point is i think we should pay much more attention to this. i think there should be more attention paid to this? >> why are you shaking your head? >> i don't think there's any question any president whether george bush or barack obama has a concern and their heart goes out to the people who made the supreme sacrifice. we have a country i
because it conflicts with the long-standing common law of the united states and the common law of the district of columbia, which both define marriage as between man and woman. >> reporter: while. >> while most proposals come with the anxiety of wondering will he say yes, sadly i feel the same anxiety as i ask this committee, will you give me and andy the right to be married? will you say yes? >> reporter: more than 100 people testified before the council in the first hearing last week. members are expected to vote on the matter by year's end. >>> a consumer alt tonight. more than two dozen people already sick. we're all over the contaminated beef fueling a nationwide recall. >>> and plus a gruesome find inside of the home of a convicted rapist. could it mean closing a half dozen cold cases. >>> and what makes this huge navy assault ship so special to new york city? we will take you aboard up next. >>> we have survived halloween weekend and in to the month of november we go. some places have clouds and some have full sun. what about tuesday and the rest of the evening? we'll ha
. >>> this was a proud moment for the united states. meb keflezighi became the first american to win the new york city marathon in 27 years. he was a star at ucla, became a u.s. citizen in '98. there he is, proudly holding up the american flag. >> that's great. >> at 34 years old, ran his best time, two hours and nine minutes. >> he wasn't like the tallest person in the bunch. >> no, he was not. it's been a while since he has had a race that good. >>> a bat got into the at&t center in the spurs game. yes, that's a bat on halloween night. can a oaty shows up with a net and batman shirt. watch this here. ginobli swats the bat and knocks him out. he has a bat in his hand. one more time. knocks the bat to the ground. >> it could have been rabid. you don't know. >> he went and got some hand san advertiser. word is he killed it. he's trying to give it to somebody. i don't want that. no, i don't want that. the bat, officials said was just stunned and flew away. >>> couple of big crashes at talladega speedway, how this driver would fair after flipping his car upside down. we'll have it in ten. robin? >> my go
: let me show you this seiu clip real quick. >> your agenda has been my agenda in the united states senate before debating healthcare. i have talked to andy stern and seiu members, and before immigration debates are place ed in washington, i talk with seiu members and before before -- glenn: stop, stop. let me ask you this -- you have seiu, is acorn, seiu, same office space, which is this, this is the party and & the republican that just got out that was endorsed by the working family, they're all working with seiu, correct? >> yeah. seiu is separate, but they're together. glenn: they're in the same building. >> many times. >> acorn members are also two seiu local heads. glenn: one of these is causing problems now in new jersey, because it looks like we're playing a little game now, because of what corzine did with the voting. you no longer have to -- >> there is no excused absentee voting. you can vote absentee and mail it in, and the number of absentee voters has exploded. there are more absentee votes cast in new jersey in the presidential year when you normally have a hire turno
concern. >> what's your reaction to that? >> my reaction is that i think that the president of the united states went to dover to represent the american people and pay his respects to the families who had made so much of a sacrifice, to those brave service people who made the ultimate sacrifice. it was the appropriate thing to do. and i think most americans appreciate that. >> one of the things he said today was that the president is narcissistic, immature, inexperienced, and in over his head. >> i think it's a surreal day when you're getting lectures on humility from rush limbaugh. and i'm not going to respond to that. the fact is that he is an entertainer. the president has to run the country. he's the commander in chief. he has huge responsibilities. i think he does them thoughtfully. he does them well. and they're difficult problems. we walked into a difficult situation. i think he's handled it very, very well and most people believe that. so, you know, we'll let mr. limbaugh fulminate. but i think the american people are well served and believe they're well served. >> strong words fr
the united states. >>> the congratulatory phone call from the white house also included a stern warning to end the corruption in the afghan government. karzai was facing a runoff election in six days. however, his opponent, abdullah abdullah pulled out, saying the vote was doomed to fraud again. the obama administration is expected to decide soon on whether to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> blast is the latest in a rash of militant attacks. it has caused the united nations to suspend its nonemergency aid at the border. 11u.n. workers have been killed in the past month. the organization said it hasn't decided which programs to suspend. the staff that will remain in the country will be assigned additional security. back to you. >>> later in the day, a second suicide bomb ripped through a pakistani police checkpoint. >>> a massive fire erupts on an oil rig in chicago. the fiery braise is just the late -- 52 blaze is just the latest setback. all workers were evacuated as a precaution. an estimated 400 barrels of oil have been leaked each day from the hole since august 21st. no injurie
war with china. they are looking for natural resources, more raw materials. the united states, we need to get some of these places, too. we need to detach ourselves a little bit from the middle east oil companies and develop a lot more of our grain energy resources but also, i am telling you, because of the large population here, the immigrants that are here, they come here to america to make money. they don't come here to blow things up. nine out of 10 of these books when they come here, they, with the idea to make money, increase profits. host: thank you for your input this morning. georgia. independent. caller: of good morning. how are you doing? on the question, could america go broke, correct me if i'm wrong, i don't think a fiat money system that ever worked in the past, long term, more than 300 04 injured years. host: tell us exactly what you mean. caller: a money system not necessarily backed by anything. like we have now where a federal reserve or a national bank actually makes the money and it is not backed by anything specifically other than the word of the government. i don
in the united states. >> the truth is, to pay for the deficit, anyone's going to have to raise taxes. so i want the candidate who's going to lie to me less. sean: if you move to florida, the 10% pay in state income taxes would go away. 10%. that's a lot of money. and it's warmer in the winter time. you have sunshine. >> all my grandparents are already there, so it doesn't make a difference. but the truth is, i want someone who will be accountable and who will tell me the truth, even fit's something that i don't want to hear. sean: i'm announcing my candidacy. will you vote for me? no, i'm only kidding. >> and no politician will tell you what you don't want to hear. that's what i'm waiting for. sean: i've got to run. but you've been a great group. i want politicians that will limit government, lower our taxes, be held accountable. i think the american taxpayer, and especially the people in new jersey, are overburdened and they need tax relief. it's going to be a virnting election. this has been a very informationive session. frank, you're awesome as usual. >> let your viewers know we're doing th
marred the first election. the united states promises to work with karzai and the president of the united nations made a visit to talk with both men. >>> and a bombing has killed 30 people, a few miles from islamabad as many people waiting outside of the national bank on pay day to collect their salaries. in the meantime as violence escalates the united nations is stopping long-term development work near the afghan border citing security concerns. >>> and uncertainty for businesses across the country including thretail industry ahead of the holiday shopping season because cit group filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. this company provides credit to thousands of small and mid size businesses. analysts warn the case would add to the instability of the retail sector. cit says they will continue to provide funds through the transition. >>> we ae learning more detates about a -- details about a halloween party where one victim was shot and killed and another who might never walk again. >> the shooting happened at a home in clerksville that police say is no stranger to trouble. trisha th
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